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February 24, 2013
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Obama and Reagan by Conservatoons Obama and Reagan by Conservatoons
Elections matter.
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Piss on Reagan. FDR was a REAL President. The best this nation ever had.
FDR was nearly the worst of all given his Nanny Statism.  Although for dependent, entitled, low self esteem liberals I can see his appeal.

no hippies please.
Right, "worst of all", is a hard argument to make considering he was the ONLY President to be elected 4 times(4 times in a row at that!) and he was elected to his 4th term with the largest popular vote in history.

The man saved this country from the shithole that the 1 percenters left it in.  

Try harder.
So deep is your misunderstanding....

no hippies please.
Haven't read many History books have you?
He detained a large number of Japanese-American citizens during World War Two without a trial or Congressional authorization, something even J. Edgar Hoover advised against out of practicality in the light of the FBI having already gotten most of the suspects. Reagan could've been better at certain things, yes, but FDR's blatant and unnecessary violation of the Constitution with the stroke of a pen makes him one of the worst.
You would vilify the man over something so trivial. "One of the worse his says."  Despite the fact that the fate of the WORLD* was quite literally at stake. His chose to make a decision for the Greater Good. The American people were out for blood following Pearl Harbor, Japanese blood in particular.
Would the grieving parents whose son was killed by Japanese soldiers be thinking of Justice when they organize a lynch-mob against the Japanese store in town I wonder? I'll wager not. Would it matter that they had lived in America for years or even decades? Again I'll wager not.  Anger with an outlet to be directed on or towards can shake the foundations of a Nation; Indeed Hitler used it to light the World itself aflame. 
By locking them away far from the public eye, he was, 
I dare-say, not punishing them, but PROTECTING* them. He feared  that what I mentioned above could well lead people to doing something they would regret. He feared what happened in Nazi Germany, with the people being led to take their hatred out on a minority undeserving of such ire. By locking them away out of sight and out of mind, he may well have insured that many of them lived to demand reparations that they received.

Morality is grey and grey on such a thing, especially during a World War.  I want to believe that a man great enough to be the ONLY President ever elected to 4 consecutive terms, and elected by the largest popular margin in history; Who took the reigns of a Nation shattered into pieces by economic collapse  and put the pieces back together again. Ordered such an arbitrary act with the best interests of ALL the American people at heart; Especially those of Japanese descent.

And after all of that, after putting Nation back together again, he put safeguards in place to ensure that such a traitorous tragedy as the Great
 Depression would never happen again.

Then Reagan REMOVED those old safeguards. Handed the keys to the vaults of a Nation's prosperity back over to those who only cared about their OWN prosperity.

Thus have we come full circle. 

"Reagan could have done some things better."

The man did NOTHING right! Not ONE THING!  Him and his removing the Profit-limit cap is the reason this country is a shit-hole now. Why greed is justified by the greedy as their "right" to make a profit. Why corporations can charge as much as they want, for whatever they want, and if anyone says otherwise they are communists, or a socialist, or some other such similar bullshit.

And most damning of all? It was one of Reagan's FIRST acts as President; signing the bill that removed the profit-margin cap that FDR set in place 30 years before. That cap is the reason why those 30 years are referred to as America's "Golden Years" when a man could earn a FAIR living for him a his, when America was looked to to lead the Free World into a bright and shining future! When a gallon of milk was fifty-cents, bread was a quarter a loaf, Coke 10 cents a bottle. Gas much the same.  Sure we had our problems, as does any Nation in any Age. But not like this; not like we've become now.

FDR would weep tears of sorrow un-ending to see this Nation now. To see the state of affairs of this country in much the same way as they were when he was elected to his first term as President.

In 70 years we have arrived right back where FDR started, a Nation bending and breaking under the weight of economic mismanagement, and its own bullshit.

"No matter what we learn, no matter what we manage to obtain; Nothing ever changes! People are amazing that way."

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