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Are Race Riots a sign that Obama has brought the country together? 

25 deviants said They must be since his Admin encourages them.
21 deviants said Media would have us think so.
13 deviants said Yes, and global cooling is a sign of global warming.
8 deviants said Yes, everyone loves bonfires!
7 deviants said Yes, they are putting a friendly face on black racism.
6 deviants said Yes, riots bring people together.
3 deviants said Yes, discussions are created around burning businesses.

The short answer: Yes, years ago, but I still watch it.   Even the most avid shark enthusiast would have to concede that Shark Week has devolved down to the pseudo-intellectuals’ version of a monster truck rally / mud bog competition.

In the earlier days it was fun, educational and exciting.  What is better than a shark attacking and tearing some hapless creature to shreds in a cloud of blood?  We watched the shows thinking: wow, I didn’t know that, fascinating. 

Fast forward 25 years.  (Yes, over 25 yrs actually)

Now the internet has more shark video and information than you could ever want.  Much of it better than anything you will see during Shark Week. 

Discovery’s shark shows marathon has the look and feel of a Japanese game show.  They over–hype their Sharkaganza every bit as much as ESPN over-hypes the Super Bowl.  Commercials start months prior.  You can buy all manner of Shark Week swag:  DVDs, foam hats, trophy heads and one dozen Shark Week cupcakes ($39.95 +$20.00 handling fee)… to list a few.  Even the president will likely put down his golf clubs long enough to shoot a PSA stressing the critical role Shark Week plays in the wars on terrorism and capitalism.

Hey, Stop Hating Shark Week!

I don’t hate it.  It does disappoint me though.  And I disappoint myself by watching year after year.  Here are a few reasons why:  

    1.  The nearest thing today to the once popular freak show is the parade of shark victims every year on shark week.  Frankly, it is both morbid and boring now.  The stories vary little.  They usually involve water and blood with the loss of a limb.  Discovery has shown some victims so often that they feel like family.

    2.  Building a 1 hour show around a 6 second clip.  Actually this probably applies to half of all shark week specials.  For 30 minutes of the 40 minute (1 hour) show we get teasers, stills, 2 second clips, commercials, interviews of ugly researchers, more teasers, etc.  Then entire 6 second clip is shown.  For the next 10 minutes that clip is shown over and over: slow-mo, stop motion, ultra slow-mo, backwards, enhanced, computerized version, with commentary ……. until you are utterly worn out. 

    3.  “Hosting” shark week.  Does shark week need a host?  Aren’t the sharks able to carry the day?  Do we really need Oprah or Ryan Seacrest pimping the poor fish?  Worse than a famous host is the dull, unknown host with some kind of shark credentials.  I suspect a reality show/talent search for the perfect Shark Week host is in our future. 

    4.  Is there anything more boring than shark “researchers” and/or crew members and their stories?  That crowd is only a bit less creepy and one dimensional than bigfoot researchers.  Watching hyper-sensitive loners wax poetic about their love for these deadly fish demonstrates the need for more mental therapy in this country but it is bad TV.   Further, listening to sun-dried cameramen drone on about endless boredom with the rare close call might be fascinating to media wizards but after 2 or 3 shows like that I am ready to move on.  Tip from viewers:  Behind the Scenes tripe is only interesting to roadies working behind the scenes.

Despite its enormous failings I will tune in for parts of Shark Week and hate myself for doing so.  It is an over-sold, inferior product but what else is there to watch in August?  This must be how it feels to vote Democrat.




PS – I will do my part and add to the chaos that is over-hyped Shark Week by posting shark cartoons.  Fish On.

PPS – Got a peeve about shark week?   Share it here.



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StormyTheTrooper Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
and.... another one bites the dust~
LastZoneTrooper Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Been noticing it more and more lately, but since you opened up this page, your views have been shifting. Most of the latest posts don't even reflect a conservative outlook, but is in fact closer to leftist appeal. Reset your priorities, or at least change your name. 
AmericaTheHero1337 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Conservatoons a leftist? You're joking
LastZoneTrooper Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
take a good look at over the last 20 years. conservative doesn't even mean that anymore. both sides of the "conflict" have shifted further and further left to the point that the only group that haven't abandoned everything and joined in are the patriots (people who believe in not only the U.S. Constitution but the foundation on which this country was founded, freedom against tyranny itself. rather than do anything about it, all anyone has ever done was complain, and spread propaganda, but has not lifted a single finger to point at who is responsible for our current predicament. We, as in all of us choose not to act and in our in-action, the meaning of the word conservative has shifted. right now it pretty much means the same as an activist. shouting at policies that make no sense with speeches and editorials, while standing on empty or false foundations. We no longer have any "Backing" as the majority of the people in this country are too scared to do anything that will deny them their "free" hand-outs. currently, both sides of this issue are nothing more than sheep, both republicans and democrats alike, like it or not (liberals don't even fit into this dispute). And while we are shouting back and forth at how unfair things currently are and how this shit we are wading in needs air freshener, we are quietly and subtlety being invaded from the south by the millions. sure this mass of people don't usually have guns are aren't usually shooting us in the streets, but they ARE effectively stealing our resources, straining this country to the breaking point, making this nation a hazardous place for our children to live, subverting our economy AND above all else, allowing our Government to obtain more power than it was ever meant to have. so you tell me if I'm "joking" or not, because while you may believe so, i can tell you this, I am dead serious.
oblivionartcraft132 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
FINALLY! I found someone here is who is reasonable, i'm not saying you're the only one but you're first one to point out what's going on here. But also you said "we are quietly and subtlety being invaded from the south by the millions sure this mass of people don't usually have guns aren't usually shooting us in the streets, but they ARE effectively stealing our resources, straining this country to the breaking point, making this nation a hazardous place for our children to live, subverting our economy AND above all else, allowing our Government to obtain more power than it was ever meant to have." It sounds like you're saying that illegal immigration is the main problem of the country, if it's not anything what i said point it out please because like I said, you're a reasonable person. Also not EVERYONE complains, there is a few who are doing any contribution for their sides. If anyone is going to read this, don't expect for any cited evidence I'm just talking on my behalf.
PAPhilly Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014
Hey, is everything alright? You haven't uploaded anything in a while.
Ill-Sap-You-Good Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014
'Servy, my man! What do you think about this whole "GamerGate" business?
AmericaTheHero1337 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
That moment when you realize people are gonna criticise you for wearing another culture's garb:
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